What Is Acre?


Acre is the liquidity layer for Bitcoin scaling. Users deposit BTC and receive stBTC representing their deposited BTC. The deposited BTC is deployed to Bitcoin layers that use BTC as their Proof-of-Stake asset, generating rewards for stBTC holders.


BTC scaling infrastructure has been blossoming recently, driven by technological breakthroughs on the Bitcoin Network and more demand for experimenting with tokenized BTC.

Acre allows BTC holders to earn rewards on their BTC via stBTC. Acre provides a simple method for Bitcoin holders to benefit from the growth of Bitcoin scaling without losing exposure to BTC price.

Strictly designed for a "bitcoin in, bitcoin out" experience, Acre is a portal to broad exposure by supporting Bitcoin scaling with minimal user effort.

Acre's goal is to offer the benefits of earning rewards on idle BTC without deep technical know-how. It is important to note that each transaction within the Acre protocol is completely visible on-chain for everyone to monitor.

Bitcoin Staking Done Right

When you deposit with Acre, your BTC is used to help validate these L2 networks. In return, you will earn rewards that are redeemable in BTC.

Contribute to BTC scaling, and hold BTC. Let's go 👉

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