At the core of Acre's architecture is tBTC, a non-custodial, decentralized Bitcoin bridge secured by the Threshold Network.

Unlike other wrapped tokens like wBTC, tBTC utilizes a system of decentralized nodes rather than a single centralized custodian (i.e. BitGo). tBTC is a trust-minimized bridge between Bitcoin and a variety of networks such as Ethereum, EVM equivalent chains like Optimism, and Solana.

tBTC also serves as the foundation of many new Bitcoin L2s. For example, Build on Bitcoin's OP-based rollup, Fusion, will use tBTC as the base asset. Mezo Network will also be using tBTC to inherit BTC security.


tBTC is the cross-chain coordination layer for Bitcoin. It gives Bitcoin wheels, making it transferable and usable across chains. tBTC is 1:1 backed by BTC.

Anyone can mint tBTC by depositing BTC to the bridge, and once the minting is complete, a 1:1 BTC representation in the form of tBTC will be transferred to the provided Ethereum wallet.

tBTC is secured by the Threshold Network. The minting process requires a threshold majority signature (51 out of 100) before bridge operators can perform any action with the users' BTC. Learn more about tBTC minting here.

On Acre, BTC deposits are bridged to tBTC and then staked on Bitcoin L2s.

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