Deposit and withdrawal fees

Acre protocol charges a 0.1% fee on all deposits and .25% fee on all withdrawals, which accumulate to the Acre DAO treasury. Partner protocols and services that integrate Acre may receive a fee split on deposit fees, which will be managed by Acre DAO. Fee parameters can be updated by Acre DAO.

Staking fees

Acre DAO charges a 10% fee on staking rewards generated by the protocol. The percentage amount charged can be updated Acre DAO governance, and accumulates to the Acre Treasury.

Initially, Acre protocol will charge a 10% fee on staking rewards. The fee will be split between Acre DAO and L2 validators.

Network fees

Deposits will require the user to execute a BTC mainnet transaction, which has associated Bitcoin network fees. Ethereum executions are gas-less from a user perspective and ETH costs will be covered by the DAO maintained relayer. Network fees are calculated at the time of transaction and based on network status.